We’ve got your back. And all your other joints and muscles.

Replenish lost energy and aid in total recovery from daily depletion. Customers rave about their sleep, just check out our reviews!

You are cool, so you should sleep cool, too.

Our innovative and unique copper-infused top layer sleeps cooler than the competition by transferring heat away from the body throughout the night.

Tested and approved by professional athletes.

Our mattress has been tested and loved by elite athletes who know first hand the benefits of amazing sleep to impact performance.

Copper-Infused Top Layer

Why copper? The anti-microbial, anti-viral metal copper is infused into our intensely-researched mattress technology to give you a cleaner, healthier bed. It also cools by conducting heat away from the body.

Starting at $525

Take 100 Nights to Get Comfortable

Purchase the PerformaSleep mattress risk free. Because we know it takes time to get…intimate…our mattress is returnable within 100 nights after you give it the good old college try for 30 nights first.

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Get a Solid Foundation

We recommend that your new PerformaSleep mattress be placed on a flat surface such as bed slats, on top of a box spring, an adjustable base, or directly on the floor.

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Cooler, Cleaner, Comfort.

TENCEL™ Fiber Cover

Not only is the mattress cover silky soft with a natural sheen, the TENCEL™ cellulose fibers absorb more moisture than cotton for a dry, cool sleep all night long.

CopperCool™ Gel Layer
The only mattress infused with CopperCool™ gel foam technology.  Our amazingly cool and conductive gel foam layer is infused with copper to support the back and joints, maintain a comfortable temperature, and aid recovery.

2" of CopperCool Gel Foam:  4lb Density, 10 ILD

Enersorb™ Layer
Our Enersorb™ layer offers superior support throughout. With this layer, you get the bounceback and pushback necessary to contour without that quicksand feeling.

2" of Enersorb:  4lb Density, 15 ILD

PerformaBase Layer
Because a solid foundation is the key to a great night’s sleep, the PerformaSleep mattress was developed with a strong base layer composed of high-density foam for maximum support.

7" of base foam. 1.8Lb Density, 36 ILD

"After almost three months of using this mattress, I can’t count how many times I passed out before getting a chance to turn off the light. I should get a timer for my lamp! True story. Thanks, again!"

– Danny, verified buyer

“Absolutely loving our PerformaSleep Mattress. I would strongly encourage anyone that leads an active lifestyle to invest in a PerformaSleep.”

– Shelby, verified buyer

Lauren Fisher, Pro Athlete

As an athlete, I know how important sleep is to my performance. Now that I have my PerformaSleep mattress, I sleep through the night without waking up, my joints and bones feel rejuvenated, and I wake up ready to tackle my workouts and competitions. I highly recommend this mattress if you live an active lifestyle.

Get the best rest of your life.

Recharge your batteries each and every night with PerformaSleep.

Mattresses made Easy

The PerformaSleep mattress ships FREE in a small box about the size of a mini fridge right to your door. Set up is easy breezy: Just grab a friend and follow our simple unboxing instructions and prepare for epic slumber!

Introducing SUPER-COOL Pillows

Now available! PerformaPillow: Hands-down THE coolest pillow available thanks to a top layer of Phase Change gel -- a material that is actually cool to the touch. No more of that constant flip flopping to the "cool side" of the pillow!