The PerformaSleep Mattress


What makes the PerformaSleep™ mattress different?

Can I feel my partner moving?

Does the mattress sleep hot?

Do you offer any sponsorship or affiliate programs?

How long until my mattress is ready for sleeping?

How long will it take my body to adjust to my new mattress?

How many people does it take to unpack the mattress?

How can I prepare for my new mattress?

Where is the mattress manufactured?

Effects & Materials

What makes the PerformaSleep™ mattress better for athletes?

How does it improve my athletic ability?

What is the mattress made of?

Does the mattress have an odor?

How does the CopperCool™ technology work?

Are there really added health benefits with the copper?

How does the Enersorb™ foam work?

How do the TENCEL™ fibers work?

What is the difference between the PerformaSleep Mattress and the Hybrid Mattress?

What is the difference between the PerformaSleep Mattress and the Hybrid Mattress?

Shipping & Returns

When can I expect my mattress to ship?

How will my mattress ship?

What size box does the mattress ship in?

What do I do if I don’t like my mattress?

How do I return my mattress?

Will my PerformaSleep Pillow ship with my mattress?

When will I receive my refund?

What is the return policy if I ordered through Amazon?

Warranty Plans

What warranty plans do you offer?

What does the PerformaSleep 10-Year Warranty Cover?

What does the Extend Protection Plan cover?

How long does an Extend Protection Plan last?

How Do I Make A Claim With Extend?

What do I need when I need to utilize my Extend Protection Plan?

Where is my contract ID?

Can I cancel my Extend Protection Plan?

If I cancel my Extend plan, what is the refund policy?

PerformaSleep Pillow

Can I wash my PerformaSleep Pillow case?

Can I return my PerformaSleep Pillow(s)?

PerformaSleep Sheets

What are the PerformaSleep Sheets made of?

Should I wash my PerformaSleep sheets before using them?

When will my PerformaSleep Sheets ship?

Can I return my PerformaSleep Sheets?

PerformaSleep and Bread Financing

How does this work?

Can I pay back my loan early?

Does checking my rate affect my credit?

How and when do I make payments?

Is this safe and secure?