About Us

Dreamt up and designed by mattress industry veterans, the PerformaSleep mattress was designed with technology specifically aimed to offer a better recovery system for active bodies. The mission of PerformaSleep is to support sustained peak athletic training through better, higher quality sleep.

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If you’re like us--an active, busy person with lots on your plate - we get you. We understand that you care deeply about your health and wellness, and just like eating and exercise, maintaining good sleep is absolutely key to an active, full life.

We admit it: Buying a mattress is often no fun, but it is an undeniable component to getting great sleep and rejuvenation each day! Good sleep means better and more productive days.

The PerformaSleep mattress was developed as a tool for your healthy lifestyle, giving you 8 more hours of the day in which you condition your body for optimal output in whatever you do. Whether you’ve got a big day in the office or are prepping for an upcoming marathon, we believe it is equally important for you to have a mattress that boosts energy, soothes joints and muscles, and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on each day.

The PerformaSleep team developed our mattress with busy, active people in mind, and we truly believe you will see the difference it can make in your life in just a few sleeps.



The PerformaSleep team created the PerformaSleep mattress to support people with an athletic lifestyle. This is because we are a team of people dedicated to an active and healthy lifestyle. It is no secret that good sleep can aid in athletic recovery. According to the National Sleep Foundation (, the quality and amount of sleep athletes get is often the key to winning. The PerformaSleep mattress takes this notion even further by infusing our mattress with technology specifically to aid physical recovery, including a copper-infused top layer and a middle layer dedicated to supporting balanced joints and muscles.