The mattress designed by athletes, for athletes.

PerformaSleep athletes

brooke wells

Recovery is so important to me and it starts with sleep! With athletes in mind, PerformaSleep has increased my quality of sleep tremendously! @brookewellss

Lauren FIsher

"My mattress preps me for training even before I wake up." @laurenfisher

Emily Bridgers

"My PerformaSleep mattress has made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. I wake up fresh and ready to train." @emilybridgers

Camille Leblanc-bazinet

"Because sleeping is the fastest way to recovery and peak performance either for your work, family or athletic endeavors." @camillelbaz

Emily Bridgers

"Home from a long day of travel yesterday... nothing better than fresh bedding, heat on in the house for the first time this year, and back to my performasleep bed! "

More Athletes and Professional Sleepers...

Amanda Basalyga

"literally this is the best mattress I have ever slept on..and I am picky!" @simplymander

Josie Hamming

"I am BEYOND grateful for this new mattress. I’ve been having some trouble sleeping, and it has been really affecting my recovery after long training/work days." @josiehamming

William Wilbanks

"We both get amazing recovery thanks to performasleep." @wbanks85

Morgan Tyler

"I can't say enough good things about PerformaSleep - and after 365 nights of sleeping on this cloud, I wouldn't steer you all wrong. I've already convinced a ton of my friends to make the switch." @findingmorgantyler

Jacob Heppner

"Recovery game is strong, thanks to PerformaSleep for the new bed! Seriously so comfortable." @jheppner66

Ameila Boone

"FINE, PerformaSleep, you win. One month sleeping peacefully and loving it." @arboone11

Faith Leatherman

"Still loving my new PerformaSleep mattress. Stays cool through the night and is made with athletes in mind to help you get the best nights sleep possible." @faithlfit

Chris Hogan

"We don't always sleep... but when we do it's on a PerformaSleep mattress." @chrishogan_15

Cole Sager

"As a competitor, I am always looking for areas to be 1% better. Sleep is a huge opportunity to gain an edge on the competition. Thank you PerformaSleep." @colesager35

Mathew Fraser

"Nothing like a PerformaSleep night sleep after a long Saturday of training." @mathewfras

Kassi Mansfield

"I’m currently obsessing over my new PerformaSleep bed and have to share it with everyone." @kassimansfield

Em Duncan

"I’ve been sleeping on a PerformaSleep mattress for over a year now, and my sleep game has been forever changed." @em_dunc

"This has been a game changer in the quality of sleep I get every night. Seriously so comfortable!"