Tips For Moving Your Mattress

Tips For Moving Your Mattress

So, you finally bought your dream mattress and are getting ready to move it into your new dream bedroom. As if moving isn’t stressful enough, now you have to find a way to safely transport your beloved mattress without ruining or getting dirt on it.

We want to make the process a little more painless for you and your family. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of go-to equipment and 7 moving tips to help that dreaded project fly by.

Equipment To Keep On Hand

7 Steps to Move a Mattress

Follow these steps below for a pain-free moving day!

1. Cover your mattress in a mattress bag
Set the mattress on a flat surface or up against a wall. Lift one end of the mattress and have your moving partner slide the bag over the mattress.

2. Clear a Path to Vehicle
Make sure that all objects are cleared before moving the mattress to the vehicle. Also, ensure all doors are propped open when carrying or using the dolly to transport the mattress.

3. Prepare Your Transportation
Check that vehicle doors are open and the interior is clear. Push down or remove seats for extra room before moving the mattress to the vehicle.

4. Lift the Mattress
With your moving partner on the other side of the mattress, grab the bottom corners of the mattress and lift at the same time. Make sure to lift with your core and legs, instead of your back to avoid any injuries.

5. Load the Mattress
For Moving Trucks/Pickup Trucks: Lift the mattress off of the dolly and into the cargo hold of the vehicle.

If you are transporting the mattress on top of the car, it’s very important that you use the mattress bag to protect the fabric from outside elements. If a moving truck isn’t an option, follow the instructions for your vehicle below.

6. Secure the Mattress
Follow the instructions below for the type of vehicle you plan on using for transporting your mattress.

Moving Truck/Van: If there is enough space, lay the mattress flat in the cargo space. Be sure not to stack the mattress on top of anything else and vice versa. If you are standing the mattress up, place the mattress on its side and lean it against the support wall. Make sure to secure the mattress with rope or straps to avoid the mattress falling over during transportation.

Pickup Truck: Place the mattress as flat as possible in the truck bed. Secure one end of the ropes or straps to the D-rings, wrapping them over the mattress, and ratcheting or tying (with a “trucker’s hitch” knot) the remaining slack.

Leave the tailgate open if the mattress is longer than the truck bed. Secure the back end of the mattress with rope or a strap in an “X” to prevent sliding.

Car/SUV: Lay the mattress flat on top of the luggage rack/car roof and check for rips or tears in the mattress bag. Wrap the rope horizontally across the front, center, and back of the mattress. Tie the mattress to the rack using a sturdy knot like the “trucker’s hitch” or one of these other popular knots used for moving.

7. Drive With Care
It can be challenging moving down the highway with such a heavy load. If you can, take the back roads, avoid sudden stops and periodically stop to check that the mattress remains secure. Make sure to drive at a moderate/slow pace to avoid shifting the mattress.