Want PRs? Catch Your Zs.

Want PRs? Catch Your Zs.

The 2019 CrossFit Games Open is here and you’re more prepared than ever for the test of fitness. Over the last year, you’ve dialed in your nutrition, improved your weaknesses, and bettered your strengths using constantly varied functional movements. Because of your efforts, you’ve seen substantial gains—you PR’d your back squat, you nailed your first muscle-up, and your double-unders are near flawless.

The team at PerformaSleep thinks you can improve your fitness and mental game even more through one factor that is often overlooked: sleep.

The benefits of sleep in regards to athletic performance have been widely studied in the last several decades and the findings are intriguing: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, athletes who don’t achieve quality sleep are more prone to injury due to worsened physiological and cognitive function; a Stanford study  found that athletes who prioritize quality sleep have higher rates of reaching peak athletic performance; and according to an article published on Neurologic Clinics, poor sleep patterns prolong the recovery process.

Quality sleep is arguably as important as nutrition when it comes to athletic performance. So how can you improve your sleep habits to reach your full potential in and out of the gym?

Quality Vs. Quantity

Understand the difference between quality of sleep and quantity of sleep. Ten interrupted hours of rest each night are not as beneficial as seven quality sleep hours in which you flow through the most essential stages of sleep.  

One PerformaSleep lover says of their mattress, “I used to never sleep through the night and always woke up stiff. Since I’ve started sleeping on the PerformaSleep, all of those issues have gone away.”

Aid Muscle Recovery With Enersorb

Proper recovery is essential for CrossFitters. Putting our bodies under enormous amounts of physical stress—the good kind!—means we have to be extra proactive in prioritizing muscle recovery.

PerformaSleep products utilize, Enersorb, a highly open, cool, and responsive polymer structure designed to offer a superior alternative to latex or springs while providing outstanding pressure relief properties.

Enersorb serves as a transition layer in your mattress between the surface comprised of memory foam and the base support layers, creating a pressure gradient and providing unparalleled relief for recovering joints and muscles.

Keep it Cool

The Sleep Judge asserts that our bodies like it cool at night, and a warm environment can interrupt our sleep. PerformaSleep mattresses feature CopperCool, an innovative and unique copper-infused top layer, which sleeps cooler than the competition by transferring heat away from the body throughout the night.

CopperCool is made from a natural, hyper-conductive element and provides advanced support for the back and joints, where relief is needed most.

Focus on quality and recovery, keep cool, and don’t let poor sleep habits hold you back from delivering your best in this year’s Open, and in your CrossFit affiliate all year long.


Don't Just Sleep, Recover