Sleep Cool & Rest Easy With PerformaSleep.

Tossing and turning because you’re too hot is a great way to get a bad night’s sleep. Losing your cool in the middle of the night can range from being a disruptive annoyance to an unavoidable catalyst that robs you of much needed REM sleep. Things like restlessness, tossing and turning, and waking up for hours at a time, can all be attributed to a bad mattress but PerformaSleep has a solution.

Losing sleep is a problem we’ve spent many sleepless nights trying to solve, which is why PerfomaSleep’s mattress and bed linens are designed to help keep you cool, clean and supported throughout the night. Our multi-layer approach to mattress construction features distinctive sections of industry leading technology with each layer serving a distinctive purpose in aiding full body recovery through sleep. Our mattress targets sleep related problems one special layer at a time to ensure that your PerformaSleep mattress works as a whole to help you achieve a cooler, more restful sleep experience.

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A Cool Solution For Warm Sleepers

Night sweats, hot flashes, generally running warm…these are all common heat related sleep issues. PerformaSleep is here to help you keep your cool with the coolest bed in town.

  • TENCEL™ - PerformaSleep’s Top Layer Features A Top Of The Line Cooling Fabric
    Performasleep’s top layer of TENCEL™ fiber fabric is impeccably soft and moisture wicking for a comfortable feel that helps calm the body and quiet the mind. A soft, delicate fabric like TENCEL™ ensures that your body is provided with the luxurious sensations it needs to properly relax and slip into a state of deep, restful sleep. Even through your sheets, TENCEL™ fiber fabric is noticeably helpful in keeping your body cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the night.

  • CopperCool® - Our Patented Copper Layer Keeps You Clean And Cool
    The second layer of PerformaSleep is a copper-infused layer called CopperCool®. This patented layer regulates temperature, speeds up recovery, and promotes clean sleep. Thanks to its antimicrobial and antiviral properties, copper is an invaluable asset in helping to keep your mattress funk free and squeaky clean. This clean, cooling layer of CopperCool® also features our Phase Change gel, which is cool to the touch to keep you at optimal sleeping temp all night long.

  • ENERSORB™ - The Ideal Foam For Keeping You Cool And Comfortable All At Once
    A lot of memory foam mattresses trap heat due to the materials, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that foam mattresses also trap heat because they trap you! When you sink into a foam mattress, it’s almost like wrapping yourself in a blanket. Introducing ENERSORB™ from PerformaSleep, the first foam layer that conforms to your body without pulling you in and trapping you. No more quicksand feeling, and no more overheating from being deeply embedded in foam!

  • Performabase - Cooling Technology Is Foundational To Our Mattresses
    Every PerformaSleep mattress features a Performabase bottom layer made with thick, high density foam for guaranteed stability. This base layer not only provides maximum support for pressure relief, it also promotes cooling from the base up allowing air to flow through the mattress for increased cooling.

PerformaSleep Is A Better Way To Beat The Heat

Sleep deeply, rest easy, recover fully with PerformaSleep.
Now you can sleep cool and rest easy with a mattress that saves you from overheating.

Our mattress technology allows you to keep your cool by repelling and expelling your natural body heat. Our patented CopperCool® layer is antimicrobial, antiviral, and naturally cool to help your mattress from retaining the natural body heat you emit throughout the night. In other words, sleeping on a PerformaSleep mattress promotes a cooler, cleaner night’s sleep for full body rejuvenation.

PerformaSleep mattresses, and bed linens, help keep your body cool by wicking away moisture and to help you remain dry and cool all night long.

Stop losing your cool and start beating the heat with PerformaSleep.