The PerformaPillow: a Pillow That Is Cool To The Touch.

When we decided to make pillows, we knew they needed to be as beneficial, comfortable, and cool as the PerformaSleep mattress. So, we took the amazing parts of our performance-enhancing mattress and combined them with unique pillow technology to create the perfect pillow.

Infused with the same CopperCool™ technology found in our mattresses, but with an added top layer of Phase Change gel -- a material that is actually cool to the touch. When your pillows arrive, after about an hour you will notice that touching the surface of this pillow is crisp and cool. This cooling transfers to keep your body temperature down, specifically your head which captures a lot of body heat. No longer will you be constantly flipping to the "cool side" of the pillow!

These pillows are intended to give your head and neck extra support after a long day at the gym, at the office, chasing after the kids, or all of the above. The PerformaPillow comes in two sizes to fit all beds.

All purchases of PerformaPillow are nonrefundable and non-returnable.