10 Hacks To Turn Your Bedroom Into A
Zen Oasis

10 Hacks To Turn Your Bedroom Into A<br>Zen Oasis

With all the hustle n’ bustle that life brings, it can be difficult to tune out the noise once the day is over. From social pressures to job demands, we deserve to come home to a place of comfort and relief.

That’s why we’ve put together 10 ways you can turn your bedroom into your own little zen oasis. It’s time to turn your bedroom into the perfect sanctuary with the 10 hacks below.

1. Invest In Quality Linens

According to research studies, the average person will spend over 229,961 hours sleeping in their lifetime. With so much time spent in your bedroom, it's important you invest in soft, soothing fabrics with natural fibers that will help you to doze off peacefully. Take a look at our Tencel Sheet Set – smooth at the micro-level, allowing for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Additionally, many claim that weighted blankets help if you are sleep challenged. “Weighted blankets take their inspiration from a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation, which uses firm, controlled pressure to induce a feeling of calm.” – Sleep Foundation

2. Find the Right Mattress

Finding the right mattress is the perfect place to start when creating your zen oasis. Since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, it’s important to pick the mattress that will help you get to dreamland faster.

We may be biased...But check out our PerformaSleep Mattress and why you should make the switch today. Top 3 Benefits:

  • A copper-infused top layer that wicks heat away
  • Antiviral, antimicrobial technology for a cleaner bed
  • 11” total of premium CertiPUR-US® certified foam

  • 3. Set the Perfect Temperature

    Setting the correct temperature involves the right combination of air temperature, duvets, and bedclothes adjusted to hopefully achieve the desired result.

    Although it’s a matter of personal preference, sleep experts say that the ideal temperature for the bedroom is 60-65°F. It’s also important to keep in mind the temperature of your direct sleeping environment (i.e. under the duvet); it should be close to a thermo-neutral temperature (i.e. approximately 84°F).

    The PerformaSleep Pillow can help achieve this with the CopperCool™ technology found in our mattresses, but with an added top layer of Phase Change gel -- a material that is actually cool to the touch. No more flipping to the "cool side" of the pillow. Find out more >>

    4. Don’t Forget About Lighting

    The primary goal of the space is to support sleep— which requires an intentional lack of light. But the bedroom lighting scheme should still play a factor when creating your zen oasis.

    Avoid bright or fluorescent overhead lights, instead opting for floor and table lamps with dimmers. Also, try a warm-toned or Edison bulb for an added cozy effect.

    5. Keep Feng Shui in Mind

    According to Feng Shui, if you position your bed in a certain direction you will have various advantages. A good rule of thumb is to place your bed diagonal from the door, but with a view of the entrance. This will subconsciously make you feel safer and more in control as you sleep.

    6. Leave Technology at the Door

    One sleep enemy that is sure to disturb a good night’s rest is artificial light. In this era of digital everything, technology has been found to disrupt our natural circadian rhythm.

    Adopt habits like turning off digital devices two hours before bed and leaving technology (i.e. phone, tv) out of your sleep sanctuary as the blue light emitted from devices interferes with sleep. 

    7. Keep Clutter Out

    Keeping your bedroom tidy could just be your ticket to catching some restful, undisturbed ZZZs. Clutter is a reminder of those unfinished tasks and may influence anxious or worrying thoughts. Some things to declutter in your bedroom:

    • Clear your nightstand from things you don't need
    • Ensure your floor is clear and clothes are put away
    • Put away dirty clothes from the day before
    • Clear any surface clutter

    8. Calming Scents & Essential Oils

    Another way to turn your bedroom into a zen oasis is to opt for essential oils, sleep sprays, or relaxing candles. Natural scents like lavender have been scientifically proven to help you drop off quickly because of their aromatherapy ingredients.

    A few drops of essential oils or an infused lotion with your favourite smell can have an impact on the brain's emotional centre and provide sedative effects.

    9. Paint Your Room With Calming Tones

    Calming tones like deep blues and greens can actually lower our blood pressure. As we associate the colour with water, the sky, and nature it provides us with a sense of tranquillity, which in turn makes us feel relaxed and can help us to nod off faster and sleep more deeply. These soothing tones can subconsciously calm you after a stressful day and help you get quality sleep. 

    10. Incorporate Plants into Your Space

    From purifying the air to relieving stress, adding plants to your bedroom can help transform the room into a brighter and more inviting space. They can also boost your mood, enhance your creativity, reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, naturally filter air pollutants, and much more.

    If you are looking to add some greenery to your oasis, here are some plants that require moderate indirect/direct light.

    • Snake Plant
    • English Ivy
    • Peace Lily 
    • Aloe Vera