Summer Sleep and Survival Guide

Summer Sleep and Survival Guide

 Happy Summer!

Summer is officially upon us and we are in summer survival mode. Summer means trying to beat the heat and have ALL the fun while still getting ALL the things done we need to do. The PerformaSleep team has come up with the top 5 best things you need to maintain your active, healthy lifestyle during the summer months.

1 – Sunscreen and Shade

A little sun is great (Vitamin D), but even one sunburn can cause sleepless nights and can even lead to skin cancer down the road. Stay covered with an SPF 30-50 and re-apply every hour! 

2 - Electrolytes

Staying hydrated is key to accomplishing your tasks and doing all the activities you want to do this summer. It also keeps you sleeping well. Drink water or other electrolyte-filled drinks such as coconut water!

3 – Eat Seasonally

Enjoy the fruits and veggies of summer! Watermelon, cantaloupe, radishes, zucchini, cucumber, arugula, and berries are all in season, just to name a few. Eat the rainbow, eat fresh whole foods to maintain activity and great sleep.

 4 – A Great Pair of Sandals

Flip flops are easy, but don’t offer the support you need to be active in the summer. Get a great pair of supportive, comfortable sandals, so that you can do everything while keeping cool feet.

5 – The PerformaSleep Mattress

Okay, we are biased, but we’ve come up with the best technology to keep you cool, clean, and comfortable year-round. Our mattress is engineered to rejuvenate you every single night and prepare you for whatever the day has in store.


Happy Summer!