A Guide To Keeping Your Mattress Clean

A Guide To Keeping Your Mattress Clean

Now that we are spending even more time at home, household chores seem to be never-ending. But there is one chore that you do not want to sleep on: keeping your mattress clean. This should take priority seeing as we spend over a third of our lives sleeping in bed.

Follow these mattress cleaning tips at least twice a year or even with the change of the seasons to maximize your mattress’s lifespan and ensure a productive night’s sleep.

Tip #1: Wash Sheets Regularly
It’s important that you wash your sheets, pillowcases, and even mattress covers regularly for your health and sleep quality. Make sure to wash all the bedding once per week or every two weeks in hot water to prevent allergies, skin breakouts, asthma, and more.

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Tip #2: Vacuum The Mattress
Take off all bedding from the mattress, even the mattress cover. Then begin vacuuming the entire surface of the mattress and pay close attention to the seam line. That's where the most buildup of things like dust mites, dead skin, dirt, and other debris seems to settle.

Tip #3 Spot-Treating
After vacuuming, check for stains on your mattress and spot-treat them with an appropriate cleaner. For biological/bodily fluids and organic liquid stains, apply an upholstery cleaner or enzyme-based pet-odor remover to get the job done. For other stains, such as dirt or grass, try a mixture of 1 teaspoon mild dish detergent and 1 cup of warm water.

Tip #4 Deodorize
The best way to quickly dissipate unpleasant smells from your mattress is to apply baking soda. When stains, oil, dust, and dirt begin to collect on your mattress, it can create an unpleasant smell, especially in a humid environment.

Once all bed coverings are removed, begin to sprinkle baking soda directly on top of the mattress. Make sure to apply a generous coating over the entire top surface, lightly rubbing the baking soda into the fabric. Allow for the baking soda to sit for up to 1 hour, then finish simply by vacuuming up the baking soda.

Tip #5 Rotating and Flipping Your Mattress
Every 3 months, we recommend that you rotate or flip your mattress to keep your mattress in great condition. Rotating or flipping your mattress regularly keeps the comfort fillings evenly distributed and makes sure you'll use each side equally. This simple action is an easy way to improve its lifespan and is an important step in general mattress care.*

*Make sure to check your mattress manufacturer before following this tip as foam/tempurpedic mattresses usually just require a rotation of 180 degrees and spring mattresses require a complete flip.