Fall Asleep Quicker With Tips From The Military

Fall Asleep Quicker With Tips From The Military

With their grueling schedules and often difficult living conditions, Armed Forces members need to take advantage of every minute of sleep available. If you’re struggling to catch enough Z’s, try out a few techniques based on the military lifestyle:


Keep a Tidy Bed

While you might not be forced to do push-ups if you forget to make your bed, you may improve your sleep by getting into a well-made one. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), people sleep much better when their bedrooms are clean and comfortable. So make your bed, wash your sheets, and keep a neat bedroom… dropping down and giving me twenty is optional.

Exercise Regularly

Servicemen and women get their fill of physical exercise, which is a major factor in entering restful, restorative sleep as soon as the head hits the pillow. The NSF recommends exercising for 30 minutes five days a week to get significantly higher quality sleep.

Sleep Schedule

The military day requires a tightly disciplined schedule with regimented times for bugle calls and lights out. Waking up and going to bed the same time each day helps to establish and regular your internal clock, which will make falling asleep much easier and quicker.

Time Away from the Desk

The vast majority of Armed Services members have active workdays that keep them from spending too much time sitting behind a desk. While an office job can quite sedentary, this inactivity can be broken up by taking frequent walks or using a standing desk. Every bit of physical activity helps!