What do my dreams mean?

What do my dreams mean?

It's a common feeling to wake up from a deep sleep, with your alarm blaring in the background, a feeling of disorientation washing over you. Wait, what's happening? I was just in the middle of a crazy dream... roaming the desert riding a camel with my cousin's best friend's dog trailing behind. I had purple hair and couldn't find water. 

Just as you're getting up, these vivid details begin to fade: Within 5 minutes of waking up, 50% of your dream is forgotten. Another 5 minutes and 90% is gone. But every single night, for at least 90 minutes of your deep sleep, everyone dreams.

But what do your dreams mean? Do they have meaning? 

The PerformaSleep team looked into the most common symbols and what they mean in dreams. Here's what we came up with:

1 - People 
Seeing people that you know often represents the need to dig into the characteristics that person represents in yourself. 

2 - Falling
Non-scary falling represents the desire to let go or having let go of something necessary in your life. Scary falling indicates that something in your life may feel out of control.

3 - Babies
Babies represent a fresh start, newness, or a new project with the potential for growth.

4 - Being Chased
These are often scary, indicating that something in your life requires your attention, and that you may not be dealing with it.

5 - Water
Water generally represents emotion. Clear water can represent clean, positive emotion while murky water the opposite.

6 - Death
Death in dreams is not as literal as in real life. It will typically represent the closing of a chapter on something in one's life, and the opening of another.

7 - Flying
Flying high and free in a dream is often a very positive dream experience representing control over our life, whereas flying low is scary indicating things are currently hard to navigate in our day-to-day.

8 - Food
Eating and food often represent nourishment, bounty, or knowledge.

9 - Nudity 
Being naked in dream, not surprisingly, can reflect vulnerability in life.

10 - School 
When you find yourself in a classroom or taking a test in a dream, this often indicates that there is something from your past you still need to learn from.