Positive Morning Affirmations for Athletes

Positive Morning Affirmations for Athletes
If you’ve never heard of them, affirmations are a really simple way to kickstart your day using a phrase or set of phrases that you say out loud (or in your head) to motivate you. They are intended to increase confidence and mental focus. Many people believe in the power of positivity and that using affirmations each day will help you realize your full potential. The team at PerformaSleep looked up the best and most common affirmations used by athletes to push them to their performance goals. Here’s our list below:

I run fast

I jump high

I am a great athlete

I am a fierce competitor

I can run like the wind

I am a winner

I am dedicated to my training

I will exceed my expectations

I will push myself 

I will always perform my best

My athletic abilities are naturally strong

My endurance is high

I can reach any goal

Meeting my goals is the best feeling in the world