Sleep: The next frontier in sports science.

Sleep: The next frontier in sports science.

Sports science and medicine is arguably at its peak. Almost every aspect of athletic training has a coach, doctor, or manager to optimize it.

So what is the next frontier? It's actually sleep.  


According to a recent article in Bleacher Report, professional sports teams are hiring sleep coaches for their athletes as the next component to increasing training. Noting that this component of training has often been overlooked, coaches and managers are beginning to 'wake up' to the necessity of including it as a crucial element of athletic success.

The article states that, especially in Europe, "...teams are investing heavily in things like sleep kits, personalized mattresses, daily wellbeing questionnaires on smartphones and tablets...even 'snoozeboxes' and 'sleep pods,' which players can use to rest between training sessions." 


Sleep affects your work (athletic and otherwise) in a myriad of ways: 

-Muscle Recovery
-Brain Health
-Cell Rejuvenation