Looking For a Better Night’s Sleep? Try Exercise!

Looking For a Better Night’s Sleep? Try Exercise!
Sleep problems are a major issue in the United States. One third of all Americans struggle with insomnia and 35-40% of the country has problems falling asleep as well as feeling sleepy during the day.

Research has shown that people who exercise regularly sleep considerably better. The beneficial effects of exercise on sleep quality are numerous:

A national study found that exercising at a moderate intensity for at least 2.5 hours per week provided a 65% increase in sleep quality and a reduction of daytime sleepiness.

Regular exercise was also linked to a significant decrease in leg cramping when sleeping as well as a decrease in difficulty concentrating while tired.
A study of older women suffering from insomnia found that exercise improved their sleep quality and energy level while reducing symptoms of depression.
18 million Americans struggle with sleep apnea, a dangerous disorder that can cause breathing to stop temporarily for up to a minute during sleep. Exercise alone has been shown to reduce sleep apnea symptoms by 25%.
Exercise is a much healthier alternative to sleeping pills, which can contribute to infections as well as dementia in the elderly population. Plus sleeping pills often lose their effectiveness after a few weeks.
The CDC has called not getting enough sleep a public health epidemicChronic disturbed sleep is associated with an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.


So what’s the best plan for getting a good night’s sleep?
First off, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine advises adults to get at least seven hours of sleep every night.
And to get a high-quality seven hours, the CDC recommends 2.5 hours (150 minutes) of exercise at a moderate intensity per week. Walking at a brisk pace, light biking, and working out on an elliptical machine are all good options for this intensity level. Strength or resistance training twice a week has also been found to increase sleep quality.

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